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Wound Management


Authors: Christian Kaare Paaskesen, Med. Stud., Hasan Gökcer Tekin, MD

Wound bed assessment

  • Granulating

Moisture assessment

  • Dry wounds


  • Wet wounds


Multiple versions of tulles are available. Some are impregnated with antibiotics, antiseptics or corticosteroids, others with hypoallergenic, neutral grease such as Vaseline or paraffin.

They should be used in during granulation and epimerization, especially in areas that have already been debrided. Tulles can be used in combination with VAC, where they can be placed between the foam and the VAC system, as they don’t adhere, and VAC-change can be more painless. Some tulles also contain active coal to remove foul smell. It’s important to note that coal dressings do not treat the cause of the smell. For this reason, coal should not be used as a contact layer.


Tulles impregnated with antibiotics, antiseptics or corticosteroids, can cause bacteria in the wound to be less sensitive to these antibiotics and promote resistance.


  • Physiotulle
  • Actisorb Plus 25
  • Jelonet

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