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Wound Management


Authors: Christian Kaare Paaskesen, Med. Stud., Hasan Gökcer Tekin, MD

Wound bed assessment

  • Cavity wounds
  • Sloughy wounds

Moisture assessment

  • Wet wounds                               


  • Dry wounds
  • Clean wounds


Alginates are very absorbent and do not adhere to the wound bed. When alginates absorb exudate, it transforms to a gel and creates a moist environment for optimal healing in wounds that are highly exudative.


Needs to be covered by a secondary dressing to transport the excessive exudate away from the wound bed. If used on infected wounds, an occlusive dressing should NOT be used as a secondary layer.

Available products:

  • Biatain Alginat
  • Kaltostat
  • Kliniderm Alginate
  • Nobaalgin
  • Suprasorb A
  • Tegaderm Alginat

Product example:

Biatain Alginate dressing – for sloughy wounds and cavity filling