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Wound Management


Authors: Christian Kaare Paaskesen, Med. Stud., Hasan Gökcer Tekin, MD

Wound bed assessment

  • Re-epithelializing

Moisture assessment

  • Dry wounds


  • Heavily exuding wounds
  • Infected wounds
  • Cavity wounds


Well suited for almost epithelialized or superficial wounds. The film dressing is a semipermeable membrane; permeable for vapor and oxygen but not for water and bacteria; maintaining a moist environment while preventing bacterial contamination. The transparency of film dressings also makes visual checks of the wound possible. Furthermore, film dressing does not adhere to the wound bed and to fragile surrounding skin.

Film dressings also works well as a protective dressing, preventing mechanical damage that could alter wound healing.

Available Products:

  • Hydrofilm
  • Kliniderm Film
  • Mepore Film Roll
  • Nobaderm
  • OpSite
  • Suprasorb F
  • Tegaderm/Absorbent
  • Visulin
  • Mediplast film

Product example: