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Wound Management


Authors: Hasan Gökcer Tekin, MD, Christian Kaare Paaskesen, Med. Stud, Magnus Avnstorp, MD, Bjørn Thomas Crewe, MD and Consultant wound specialist

Definition: Epithelial cell migration from wound edges, which creates a new epidermis and protective barrier between the wound bed and environment.

Description:  Pink/pale tissue color. No exudate. No avascular tissue. No infection.

Treatment aim: Promote wound maturation and prevent damage to the new epidermis

Wound dressing (dry wounds): Silicone dressings, transparent films, barrier ointments/creams, Foam dressings

Wound dressing (wet wounds): N/A

Wound exampels:

Mamma – Early stage

Frontal view of right mamma. Early phases of re-epithelialization and ending of the granulation phase.

Leg ulcer – Later stage

Frontal view of leg ulcer. Later stages of re-epithelializing with isolated skin islands.

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