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Wound Management


Authors: Christian Kaare Paaskesen, Med. Stud., Hasan Gökcer Tekin, MD.

Wound bed assessment

  • Clean

Moisture assessment

  • Moderately exuding


  • Sloughy/Infected
  • Cavity
  • Heavily exuding wounds


Foam dressings maintain a moist wound by absorbing excessive exudate and preventing bacterial contamination, thus respecting the wound eco-system. Well suited for the cleansing and granulation stages up until epithelialization occurs.  Foam dressings prevent odor and do not disintegrate. Foam dressings do not adhere to the wound bed and can be used as a primary or as a secondary dressing in combination with other wound dressings. Foam dressings are often manufactured as composite dressings with multiple layers and functions (see composite dressing).


The absorption of foam is insufficient in heavily exuding wounds and maceration of surrounding skin might occur.  Foam dressings also need a secondary dressing to keep them in situ (if the foam dressing is not combined with adhesive silicone borders). Foam dressing provide little antiseptic and cleansing effect but, excel at simple moisture control.

Available Products

  • Aquacel Foam
  • Allevyn Border lite
  • Mepilex/Border
  • PermaFoam/Comfort
  • Tegaderm Foam
  • Tielle/Tielle Plus
  • Tielle Lite
  • Biatain Non-Adhesive

Product example

Biatain Non-Adhesive foam.

Side facing away from the wound surface
Side facing the wound surface