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Wallace rule of ninesThe rule is used to determine the spread of a burn in percentage, which is important when you regard the treatment:

– The head is equivalent to 9%
– An arm is equivalent to 9%
– The front or the back of the body are each equivalents to 18 %
– A leg is equivalent 18%

The rule is modified for children, as the head and the lower extremities constitute a relatively larger and smaller part of the total surface area of the body. A good rule to remember is, that the child’s palm is equivalent to 1% of the total surface area of the body. When assessing the total percentage of area burned, only second- and third-degree burns are included.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/burns-treatment/calculating-burn-size/
Watson DermatomeSurgical knife instrument for manual harvesting of skin graft.
Wise-patternThe pattern on the breast which is used during breast reduction. Gives the classic anchor scar after suturing.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/breast-surgery/breast-reduction/the-inverted-t-technique-wise-anchor-pattern/
Wound healingThe wound healing process consists of four phases; the hemostatic phase, the inflammation phase, the proliferation phase, and the remodeling phase. It occurs in response to acute tissue damage.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/wound-management/phases-of-wound-healing/introduction/