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Re-excisionA surgical procedure where further excision is performed in a previously operated area. The purpose is to ensure complete removal of a structure such as malignant melanoma.
Rec. (Rectal administration)This indicates that the prescription should be given per rectum.
Reconstructive ladder (simple to complex)The guideline used when reconstructing a defect. Moves from simple uncomplicated direct closure, to more complex methods with local flaps, and further to challenging and complex methods with free stalked flaps.
Remodeling phase (wound healing)The fourth of four stages in the wound healing process. Day 21 to 2 years. Formation and reorganization of collagen fibers. It reinforces the tissue and makes it more flexible.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/wound-management/phases-of-wound-healing/acute-wound-healing/
Rotation flapLocal skin flap for reconstruction of the defect. The flap is raised as a semicircle in relation to the defect and rotated into the defect. Often used on the scalp or defects under the eye as a cheek rotation.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/facial-flaps/rotation-flap/
Rp. (Recipe)A term indicating a prescription.