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Galea aponeuroticaAnatomically defines connective tissue on the scalp. The layer is located between the subcutis and the subgaleal connective tissue. In the latter layer, the scalp can be displaced in relation to the skull.
GangreneTissue necrosis due to oxygen deficiency is frequently seen in the lower extremities due to pronounced arteriosclerosis. GAS gangrene is seen in infections with Group-A streptococci (Necrotizing fasciitis).
General Anaesthesia (GA)The patient is put to sleep using either intravenous medication (propofol) or gas for inhalation. Used for extensive procedures, in otherwise painful procedures or in small children where local anesthesia is not an option.
Glabella flap Local skin flaps harvested from the excess skin between the eyebrows. Designed as a reverse V. The skin flap is used to close defects on, among other things, dorsal nose.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/facial-flaps/glabella-flap/
Graft Tissue harvested for use elsewhere on the body. It could be skin, muscle, fascia and cartilage.

Link to Skin Grafting: https://plastsurgeon.com/burns-treatment/procedures/procedure-skin-grafting/
Granulation tissueConnective tissue formed in the wound during natural and healthy healing. The tissue is red, slightly shiny, humpy and rich in capillary blood supply. It is a part of the proliferative phase (phase III) for the closure of a wound.
Granuloma/ Suture granulomaDefines foci in the tissue of inflammation with histolytic cells, lymphocytes, and macrophages. Is benign. It can be seen as a reaction to leftover suture material, eg. absorbable sutures.
GynecomastiaA condition of benign breast glandular tissue growth in men, located under the areola and surrounding area. It can be viewed both uni- and bilaterally. Most often, the cause is idiopathically associated with puberty. Causes may also be related to hormone imbalance, testicular cancer, pituitary adenoma, injection of steroids in bodybuilders or other hormone imbalances.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/breast-surgery/the-abnormal-breast/gynecomastia/