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MacrotiaDisproportionately large ears.
Malignant melanomaMelanoma, cancer-derived from melanocytic cells in the dermis. There are several subtypes; the most frequent are superficially spreading malignant melanoma (SSMM) and nodular malignant melanoma (NMM).

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/melanoma/
MammographyX-ray of the breast in three plans. Used as part of the examination and screening for breast cancer.
ManeLatin designation for a prescription to be given tomorrow.
MastectomyRemoval of all the breast tissue due to breast cancer, widespread in situ changes or prophylactic by hereditary disposition (BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation). In the case of cancer, the muscle fascia of the pectoralis is also removed. The surgery can be performed where the nipple is preserved (papilla preserving/saving). The technique is also used in the surgery of transgender patients.
Mastopexy/ breast lift Surgical lift of the breast. There exist multiple different techniques e.g. wise-pattern, vertical-scar, the Orlando-technique, etc.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/breast-surgery/mastopexy/
Mayo scissors/ suture scissors Stronger surgical scissors. Used for cutting in non-tissue structures. E.g. sutures and drain tubes, etc.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/surgical-instruments-2/scissors/
MepilexSoft absorbent foam dressing that can be used for most wounds.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/wound-management/wound-dressings/silicone-dressings/
Merkel cell carcinomaMerkel cell carcinoma is the eponym for primary cutaneous neuroendocrine carcinoma. It is a rare and aggressive cutaneous neoplasm. More than half of Merkel cell carcinomas occur in the head and neck of elderly people, in areas of actinically damaged skin.

Case: https://plastsurgeon.com/non-melanoma-skin-cancer/merkel-cell-carcinoma-2/
MeshMesh used for the temporary or permanent support of organs, tissues or prostheses. It can be made of self-soluble vicryl, nylon, sterile treated pig dermis/cow dermis or a synthetic material. Often used in plastic surgery for primary breast reconstruction, here the mesh forms a “hammock” to protect/hold the lower part of an implant that is not completely covered by pectoralis major.
MetastasisThe development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from a primary site of cancer.
Metzenbaum scissorsSurgical scissors used to dissect tissue.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/surgical-instruments-2/scissors/
Micropore plaster/ wound plasterSimple and gentle plaster used to cover fresh cicatrices and to support cicatrices for up to 3 months. The intention is to achieve the most satisfactory cosmetic result by relieving the wound edges, shielding pathogens and covering for sunlight. The length of the post-operative plaster treatment is discussed.
MicrotiaCongenital malformation with underdevelopment of the outer ear (Pinna). In the absence of outer ear formation, it is called anotia.
MicrosurgerySurgical procedures using a microscope as the structures are very small. E.g. suturing of anastomoses between two blood vessels of 1mm in diameter, and between blood vessels and lymph vessels (less than 1mm) for the treatment of lymphedema. Also used for suturing lesioned nerves.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/microsurgery/
Mohs surgeryThe technique for skin cancer removal with a smaller margin in risk areas such as on the nose, ear, eyelids or lips. During the operation, frozen sections and a microscope are used to check if all cancer cells have been completely removed. In this way, the surgeon can remove smaller margins at a time, eventually having completely exceeded the tumor with the absolute minimum safety margin. The benefit is that you achieve freedom of disease with the least possible scars or reconstruction. However, the technique is expensive and time-consuming.
Monofilament sutureSuture, which consists of one non-braided continuous fiber. It is often smoother than a braided suture.
Monopolar diathermyAn electric burner that can coagulate and cut through tissue. Works with high-frequency electric waves. The electric waves generate heat, which automatically coagulates smaller blood vessels during cutting (the “cut” function). Common monopolar diathermies also have the function of “coagulation” which can be used for cleavage of more vascularized tissues, as well as for the closure of smaller blood vessels.
MWL (Massive Weight Loss)Denotes a patient, who has lost at least 15 BMI points from their highest weight. Patients are referred for removal of excess skin after the massive weight loss.

Link: https://plastsurgeon.com/massive-weight-loss/