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Facial Flaps


Authors: Liv Schöllhammer, MD, Frederik Gulmark Hansen, med.stud. and Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD

This page describes the relevant anatomy to be needed when performing facial flaps. Go to the chapter Excision of facial tumors to learn about nerves and vascular supply of the face. 
For more region-specific anatomy, please go to the designated chapters for the different flaps located at the end of this chapter.

The dermal plexuses

The skin has six layers where blood is distributed and exchanged in interconnected plexuses to secure blood supply to all tissues (Fig 1). These plexuses are found subfascial, prefascial, subcutaneous, subdermal, dermal and subepidermal.

Figure 1 | The six dermal plexuses of the skin


Illustrations: Emma Tubæk Nielsen, med.stud.