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Facial Flaps

Bilobed flap Case 1 Bilobe flap on the nose

Authors: Liv Schöllhammer, MD, Frederik Gulmark Hansen, med.stud. and Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD

60 year old male with basal cell carcinoma on the right dorsal part of the nose.

The tumor was radically excised. The defect was reconstructed using a bilobar glabella flap to the dorsal right side of the nose.

Before and after


Step 1: Excision

The tumor is radically excised in 5 mm margin including minor parts of subdermal tissues. The drawing for the bilobar flap uses excessive skin from the glabella area.

  • The bilobar flap is close to the medial canthus, but does not affect the eye.

Step 2: Flap raising

The flap is raised in a plane just superficial to the perichondral and periosteal parts to obtain adequate blood supply.


Step 3: Closure

The defect and donor site is closed. The blood supply looks intact.


Step 4: Result

Reconstruction of defect. The flap to the secondary defect near the eye looks a little bit thick. It may have to be thinned out at a later session.

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