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Basic Surgical Technique, Knots and Sutures

Suture types and where to apply

Christoffer Bing Madsen, med. student and Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD.

Choose the correct suture size depending on the anatomical location.

Location of the sutureSuture sizeWhen to remove
ScalpStaples or suture 4-010-14 days
Face5-0, 6-05-7 days
Arms3-0, 4-010-12 days
Truncus3-010-14 days
Leg3-010-14 depending on the pull
Foot4-0, 5-010-14 depending on the pull

In plastic and reconstructive surgery the wound is often closed in two or three layers.

For deeper layers in fascia choose thicker resorbable PDS or vicryl

For dermal layers choose resorbable poly-filament inverted vicryl sutures.

In the upper skin choose either non-absorbable nylon sutures or running absorbable intracutaneous monofilament sutures.

See the table below for a brief overview.