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Basic Surgical Technique, Knots and Sutures

Simple interrupted suture

Christoffer Bing Madsen med. stud. and Magnus Balslev Avnstorp MD

Application of suture

For epidermal approximation. Can be used alone or used as a secondary suture of the superficial skin layer to aid the approximation of the skin.

Suture material choice

Thinnest as possible to minimize the risk of track marks/foreign body reactions. Consider always anatomical position of wound site. See the former site regarding where to apply which suture types.

Step by step guide

1) The needle is inserted perpendicular to the epidermis, 3-5 mm from the wound edge
2) Rotate the needle through the dermis, so the needle tip exits the skin on the contralateral side
3) Grasp needle body (not the tip!) with forceps and pull upward
4) Release needle body from driver
5) Tie off gently and aim to achieve the perfect approximation without too much tension

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