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Basic Surgical Technique, Knots and Sutures

Running matress suture (“Gentofte” suture)

By Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, Specialist Plastic Surgeon


This suture is a fast running suture. The suture enhances eversion of the skin edges, enabling a better healing. As the direction of the suture is changed every second stitch, the skin edges will not be distorted in the same way as a simple running suture.

Suture material choice

In the current case a nylon 3-0 suture was chosen to close a wound following the re-excision of a malignant melanoma on the abdomen.

Step by step guide

  1. A simple suture is performed with approx 5mm from the wound edge.
  2. A surgeons knot is applied. Only the short end is cut.
  3. Two stitches in the same direction is performed. Notice the same distance of 10 mm between the stitches.
  4. The needle is turned into backhand and two stitches are performed.
  5. The running madress sutures are continued until the end of the wound.
  6. When finalizing the knot, a loop from the second last suture is grasped and used to perform a surgeons knot.
  7. The suture material is then tied off gently.
  8. Micropore tape is aplied to avoid stretching of the edges.