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Massive Weight Loss Surgery


Authors: Kasper Baasch Nielsen, Med. Stud., Anne Mosebo, MD, Julie Tastesen, MD and Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD

Postoperative information

Micropore tape is placed on the scars along with pressure garments around the arms. Both the tape and garments should stay in place for 2 weeks. Subsequently, the micropore tape and pressure garments are replaced with a new layer of micropore tape which should stay in place for one week (the third week postoperatively)
For the first 24 hours following the surgery, the patient must not bend their elbow
No strenuous physical activity is allowed for the first 4 weeks after the operation
Instructions regarding the stretching of the arm into full range and manual massage of the upper arm on a regular basis
Stitches are removed after 2-3 weeks following the surgery
Follow-up 2 weeks and 3 months postoperatively (remember photos of the result)