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Massive Weight Loss Surgery


Authors: Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD, Mette Ydo Jacobsen, Med. Stud., Anne Mosebo, MD, Julie Tastesen, MD and Emir Hansanbegovic, MD

Postoperative information

ActivityThe patient should not be confined to bed but attend to normal self-care
Calm daily activities for 2 weeks
Strenuous physical activity after 8 weeks
Micropore tapePlaced on the cicatrices by the end of surgery
Stay in place until the first follow up
The cosmetic result of the healing may be enhanced by prolonged use of the tape
Pressure garments The first three weeks: 24 hours use
The following three weeks: during the waking hours
Follow-up at the outpatient clinicTwo weeks after surgery: removal of stiches
12 weeks after surgery: patient satisfaction and need of further post-bariatric surgery