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Massive Weight Loss Surgery


Authors: Anne Herman Mosebo, MD, Julie Tastesen, MD, Magnus Avnstorp Balslev, MD

Procedure specific indications

The general indications and contraindications when performing MWL-surgery will be addressed in another chapter. Follow this link to read more:

Indications and contraindications

A criterion for MWL surgery in the Danish healthcare system is MWL characterized as second (moderate) or third (severe) degree. In general, third-degree patients are candidates to belt lipectomy. Regarding belt lipectomy the classifications are as follows1:

Third degree (severe)
AbdomenPannus extending posterior to the mid axillary line1
Upper backUpper back: Folds with skin-to-skin contact1

Procedure specific contraindications

  • If a female patient is planning to have future kids 


  1. Jais Oliver Berg, Lisbet Rosenkrantz H lmich & Andreas Printzlau (2019), The Danish Scale for visual rating of massive weight loss body contours. Conceptualization and construct., Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, 53:4, 189-197

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