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Scrubbing In for Surgery

Take on Surgical Gown Procedure 1 Take on Surgical Gown

By Magnus Avnstorp, MD, Nathalie Fryd, med.student, Christoffer Bing Madsen, med. student, and Stig Steinfurth, med.student


When putting on your surgical gown it is very important that you are aware of:

Position yourself correctly and do not touch non-sterile objects: Have plenty of space around you, do not touch a non-sterile colleague, and be aware of your gown.

A colleague/scrub nurse must help you: Once your gown is fitted you are now ready to have your gown closed. The colleague will close your gown in the neck and in the back. The belt of your scrubs contains a cardboard tag that is divided into a sterile half and a non-sterile half. Grab the sterile half and hand the non-sterile half to your colleague. When they have a firm grip you should spin 360 degrees and grab the belt which is now ready for a knot.

Your are now ready to put on your sterile gloves.

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