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By Mia Wangsmo Steffenssen MD, Mike Mikkelsen Lorenzen, MD and Pia Sjøgren MD

Prognosis depends on thickness of primary tumor, metastasis to regional lymph nodes, ulceration, sex, age and site of the tumor. 

More metastatic lymph nodes that are involved worsens the prognosis. The 10 year survival with one metastasis is about 50 %, with 2-3 it is about 30 %. 

Prognosis is substantially worsen with extranodal growth. 

Survival rates by individual stage, according to the 2008 AJCC Melanoma Staging Database, are as follows:

Stage5-year survival10-year survival
Stage IA97 %95 %
Stage IB92 %86 %
Stage IIA81 %67 %
Stage IIB70 %57 %
Stage IIC53 %40 %
Stage IIIA78 %68 %
Stage IIIB59 %43 %
Stage IIIC40 %24 %
Stage IV15-20 %10-15%