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Breast Surgery


Authors: Mia Demant, MD, Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD and Mia Steffensen, MD

Breast abnormalities include a wide range of both congenital and acquired conditions, which are described briefly in the following subchapters along with the surgical possibilities.


Congenital breast abnormalities

The patient may suffer from a congenital disease resulting in macromastia, amastia, or asymmetry of the breasts or thorax.

Acquired breast abnormalities

During a lifetime, the size and shape of all breasts will be influenced by many factors; changing weights, pregnancies, smoking, aging of the skin and/or suspensive connective tissue caused by gravity. If the patient has been through a massive weight loss (following bariatric surgery or via lifestyle changes), the stretched skin envelope will remain enlarged compared to the now reduced size of the breast. 


IllustratorsChristian Paaskesen, med.stud.