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Burn Surgery

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Authors: Rami Mossad Ibrahim, MD, Elisabeth Lauritzen, MD, Frederik Gulmark, Hansen Med. Stud., Anne Mosebo, Med. Stud., Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD and Rikke Holmgaard, MD, PhD

Figure 1 | Strategy for initial acute treatment

Initial acute treatment

Begin rinsing immediately for 20-30 minutes

  • Rinsing will cool the wound and have a pain-relieving effect
  • The temperature of the water should be approximately 15ºC, but can be adjusted by the patient
  • To avoid hypothermia, the temperature should not go below 8ºC
  • Rinsing only has an effect within the first three hours after the injury
  • Rinse can be prolonged if the damage is limited to the hands. There is no risk of hypothermia
  • In cases where the patient is intubated, rising for 20-30 minutes is adequate

Remove loose skin and bullae

  • Remove with scissors and tweezers
  • Do not leave loose skin as this may cause infection


  • Thoroughly wash burned areas with water and neutral soap for 10 minutes


Illustrators: Anne Mosebo, Med. Stud.

Procedure and cases

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Applying bandages

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Surgical debridement

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Changing the bandage

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Skin grafting

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