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Burn Surgery

Post-operative care and follow-up

Authors: Rami Mossad Ibrahim, MD, Elisabeth Lauritzen, MD, Frederik Gulmark Hansen med.stud., Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD and Rikke Holmgaard, MD, PhD

If the patient is eligible for outpatient follow-up at his/hers general practioner or in the outpatient burn clinic. The dressing should be left untouched for 10 days unless there is leakage or signs of infection.

Superficial 2nd degree burns are expected to heal within 14 ays and deep 2nd degree burns within 21 days.

After 10 days the dressing is removed and the burn reassessed. If not completely healed, the wounds are wrapped with vaseline gauze (or similar wound concatct layer), but with a smaller amount of suction gauze at the outer layer, as the wounds do not produce a lot of fluid anymore.