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Quiz – Surgical preparation/instruments


#1. What is the name of the scissor used for dissection?

#2. What is the function of a Bipolar diathermy?

#3. What scalpel is used for fascial incisions?

#4. Which clamp is used to grasp tissue that is to be permanently removed, because of its' sharp teeth?

#5. What is the correct way to hold a scalpel? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

#6. In what hand should you hold your scalpel?

#7. When and for how lang must you apply hand disinfectant?

#8. What should you ALWAYS wear entering the operation room? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

#9. What forceps is used to hold sensitive tissue like nerves?

#10. What is a pean used to?