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Quiz Overview

Quiz – Breast Reconstruction


#1. Introduktion: When does breast reconstruction dates back to?

#2. Introduction: Approximately, how many women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Denmark every year?

#3. Introduktion: How many of all women who undergo mastectomy also have breast reconstruction performed?

#4. Anatomy: What arteries supplies the breast? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

#5. Anatomy: What muscle plays the most important role in reconstructive breast surgery?

#6. Anatomy: Which nerves provide sensory to the medial part of the breast and the nipple-areolar complex?

#7. Pathophysiology: Which of the following does NOT increase the risk of breast cancer?

#8. Pathophysiology: T= Tumor > 20 mm but ≤ 50 mm in greatest dimension, N= Metastases in ipsilateralinfraclavicular lymph node(s), M= No clinical or radiographic evidence of distant metastases

#9. Primary recontruction: When is primary reconstruction contraindicated?

#10. Secondary reconstruction: Which of the following flaps are free flaps? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply: