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Quiz Overview

Quiz – Oncologic Treatment (Case Based)


#1. A 62 year old woman is referred to you from her general practitioner due to a clinically suspicious mass in the left mamma. What is the name of the examination, that is used to diagnose carcinoma in the breast?

#2. A breast biopsy is needed to removes tissue from the suspicious mass. The tissue needs to examined under a microscope to be checked for the presence of breast cancer cells. Which type of biopsy is the most commonly used?

#3. After the biopsy, you obtain this result. What do you suspect?

#4. Due to this patients family history, you suspect a possible mutation in a specific gene. Which one?

#5. If the patient has the mutation, what would be the recommended treatment in this specific case?

#6. During a routine check, you find a suspicious mass in a 50 year old woman. Which examination should you refer your patient to?

#7. After examination, you obtain the following result. What do you suspect?

#8. Studies show that LCIS frequently are bilateral (22-60%), but how often is it multicentered?

#9. LCIS is considered a precursor for developing invasive lobular carcinoma later on. Which one of the following is of uttermost importance to register amongst other things to distinguish whether possible predictive factors exist?

#10. If a excisional biopsy shows LCIS, how often should the patient have control scans?