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Quiz – Microsurgery (Basic Quiz)

Authors: Magnus Balslev Avnstorp, MD,


#1. What year marks the beginning of microsurgery, where the first microvascular anastomosis using an operating microscope was reported by Suarez and Jacbosen?

#2. What is important when preparing a patient for microsurgery?

#3. What is NOT true about microsurgery?

#4. What microsurgical instrument is this?

#5. What microsurgical instrument is this?

#6. What is the correct definition of an angiosome?

#7. What is a perforator flap?

#8. What is INCORRECT of the following, regarding microsurgery?

#9. Which device may be used for microsurgical post-operative observation?

#10. What is correct when observing and describing a microsurgical flap post-operatively?