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Quiz Overview

Quiz – Facial Flaps


#1. The skin has six layers of blodplexuses. Which layer is the most superficial? 

#2. The paramedian forehead flap is

#3. Which of these flaps are composite flaps?

#4. The optimal max length-to-width ratio for a random cutaneous flap is

#5. Which of the following is least important when making a physical examination prior to surgery?

#6. Rotation flap: The length of the incision (arc) should be ___ times the width of the primary defect?

#7. Z-plasty’s can be designed with angles between 30° and 90°, but which angle is most common?

#8. Rhomboic flaps (Limberg flaps) are designed as a parallelogram with each side having approximately the same length. Which two of the following tip angles are being used in this flap?

#9. The vertical leg in a T-Plasty should?

#10. On a fully grown ear, the helical rim flap can?