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Quiz Overview

Quiz – Excision of facial tumors


#1. Which of the following facial nerve branches is responsible for frowning?

#2. Which of the following nerve branches run through the parotid gland?

#3. What is especially important when assessing skin cancer?

#4. Which safety margin is in general in Denmark indicated when excising basal cell carcinomas (BCCs)

#5. Which nylon sutures are most apropriate to use in the facial area?

#6. Which type of lip-excision are primarily used on the lower lip and NOT the upper lip?

Select all that apply:

#7. How many anatomical subunits does the lips consist of?

#8. Excisions in this anatomical location may lead to a less aesthetic result and radiotherapy should be considered instead:

#9. Direct closure of Lip defects are contraindicated when exceeding?

#10. What is the most common indication for performing excisions in the face?