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Streamline text manuscript


Written in Italic style. Always at the top of each sub topic. Should be written “Authors:“. Names with titles.

Eg. Med. Stud. or MD or Phd or Professor.


Authors: Magnus Avnstorp, MD, Mia Steffenssen, MD.

Left side menu:

Keep text short, usually maxiumum 28 characters including spacing.


Use the ”blocks” to create sub headings. There are three different sizes to choose from: H1, H2, H3. Use the headings in the topic and subtopic instead of italic and bold. H4 and further are not to be used.


The heading of the topic is H1:

Name of Topic e.g. “Types of Melanoma” (H1)

Chapters in the text e.g. “Nodular melanoma” (H2)

Subchapters (H3)


Manuscript may contain bold typing. Never use Italic style or Underline. Instead use subheadings or bold and colon.

Illustrations and photos:

All images and step-by-step cases should contain a text with explanation.

Procedure Cases:

Step-by-step cases must be build on our block: “Step”!

When to chose bullet points:

Short sentences (maximum one line!), without punctum in the end.


“Flap Classification

To simplify the classifications we listed the most common classifications into three categories.


Use bold and colon:


“Local skin flap: A flap based on skin tissue adjacent to the excision defect. 
The predominant movement indicates which skin flap is used – i.e., rotation, advancement, transposition, de-epithelized turnover flap.

Donor site: The site from where the flap is harvested.

Primary defect/Recipient site: The wound or tissue defect to be closed with the flap.

Secondary defect: Defect at the donor site of the flap, created when the flap is transferred to the primary defect.”

When to use Bold and Colon:

In general use bold and colon in all text sentences longer than one sentence. May also be used instead of bulletpoints, as bulletpoints are too oldschool.


Illustrators: name name with title


Illustrators: Magnus Avnstorp, MD, Mia Steffenssen MD


List of references at the bottom of each sub chapter.