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Page layout and templates

In terms of layout and presentation, there are two types of pages on PlastSurgeon: The “Resource page”-layout and the “Procedure and case page”-layout.

  • The “Resource page”-layout is used for free format pages. They can be used for any type of information. You will use them for e.g. introduction, anatomy, and other subtopics pages.
  • The “Procedure and case page”-layout is used only for a step-by-step walkthrough of an operation, so you will use them only for procedure and case pages.


If you want to see examples of the two types of page-layout you can go to the Example topic.

Figure 1 – Examples of the two types of pages


Selecting a template for a page is a way to control, how the page is laid out, and how it works together with other pages. It adds functionality to the page, so it is important to select the right template for the right type of page.

In the guidelines about how to use the administration dashboard, it is described how to select a template for a page.

Most of your pages will contain content, but some pages will exist only for navigation purposes. In the list below, you can see an overview of all template names and their use:

  • Topic – Overview“: Use as the parent page for the rest of the topic’s pages.
  • Topic – Resource page – Without table of content”: Use for resource pages when you wish to have a table of content shown on the right-hand side.
  • Topic – Resource page – With table of content“: Use for resource pages when you do not wish to have a table of content shown on the right-hand side.
  • Topic – Menu item“: Use for a menu item. There is no content on the page.
  • Topic – Procedure and case”: Used for step-by-step walkthrough of an operation.

In the Example topic, you can see all templates in use. Figure 1 shows where to see each template.

Figure 1 – Example of templates in use

Figure 2 shows the administration panel, for the example topic.

Figure 2 – Example of templates in the administration panel

Use of blocks

Pages are build using blocks of content. To keep the pages in a consistent layout and format, the two types of pages are restricted to use only a few types of blocks only.

Ressource pages

Ressource pages use only the following blocks:

  • “Heading” H1, H2, and H3
  • “Paragraph”
  • “Image”
  • “List”
  • “Table”
  • “Gallery”
  • PlastSurgeon “Link button”

Procedure and case pages

Procedure and case pages use only the following blocks:

  • “Paragraph”
  • PlastSurgeon “Before and after”
  • PlastSurgeon “Step”
  • PlastSurgeon “Pearls”
  • PlastSurgeon “Pitfalls”
  • PlastSurgeon “Video”
  • PlastSurgeon “References”