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Add a page


Step 1: Go to “WP Admin”

Click on the menu item “WP Admin” at the bottom of the side menu.


Step 2: Select “Pages”

Click on the menu item “Pages” in the side menu


Step 3: Select “Add new”

Create a new page by selecting “Add new”.


Step 4: Add a title and content

Add a title and some content.


Step 5: Select template

The template controls how the content is presented when the user view the page. You can choose between two templates “Topic – Ressource page – No table of content” or “Topic – Ressource page – With table of content”. The difference is whether or not a table of content is shown on the right side of the page.

  • As a rule of thumb, show the table of content if you have a page with three or more headings.

Step 6: Select parent page and order

Now it’s time to place the page in the page hierarchy. Select the parent page and then the order. The order controls in what order that pages are displayed in the menu. The pages are ordered from 0 and up.


Step 7: Save or publish

Save or publish the page.


Step 8: See the result

If you go to the website, then you can see that your page has been added to the topic.