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Create a topic


Step 1: Go to “WP Admin”

Click on the menu item “WP Admin” at the bottom of the side menu. Then you will go to a version of the admin panel, that is slightly more powerful.


Step 2: Select “Pages”

Click on the menu item “Pages” in the side menu


Step 3: Select “Add new”

A topic is actually just a page with special settings. So, to create a new topic, go ahead and create a new page by selecting “Add new”.


Step 4: Name the topic

The title of the page is used as the topic name. So write your preferred name as the title of the page.


Step 5: Select the “Topic – Overview” template

The template controls what the user sees when she selects a topic. We want the user to see an overview of all the procedures, so we need to select the overview template. Select the “Document” tab, then the “Page Attributes” dropdown, and then the “Topic – Overview” template.


Step 6: Add an image and publish

Topic menu items have a small image to support the title. To add an image go to “Document” in the right panel, then select the “Featured image” dropdown, and then select or upload a featured image. Finally select “Publish”.


Step 7: Go to “Design” > “Customize”

In the admin panel in the side menu select the “Design” dropdown and then “Customize”


Step 8: Select “Menus”

Select “Menus” in the side panel


Step 9: Select “Topics”

Select “Topics” in the side menu


Step 10: Add a menu item

Select the button “Add items”. Now you can search for the page, that you created, and add it to the menu.


Step 11: Rearrange and save

Now when the page has been added to the menu you can drag and drop the menu items to arrange the order that you want. When you a done select save and then go and check that the topics menu has been updated.