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Add a quiz

This guide will show you how to create a quiz and add it to a page. In the end it will be explained how you can create various types of quizzes e.g. with images and multiple correct answers.

Step 1 – Create a quiz

Go to “HD Quiz” in the left side menu, write the name of your new quiz e.g. “Interpolated Flap”, pres “Enter”. The quiz will then be added to the list quizzes. Selected the new quiz.

Step 2 – Add a question

Select “+ Add new question”.

Step 3 – Write question and answers

Write your question in the input field with placeholder text “enter question…”. Write your answers in the input fields with placeholder text “enter answer…”. Select which question is correct.

When you are done. Select “Save question”.

Step 4 – Add quiz to page

Create a new page. Call it “Quiz #[number]”. Add the block “HD Quiz”. Select the quiz you have just created e.g. “Interpolated Flap”.

In the right panel, add a feature image, select the template “Topic – Quiz”. And select a parent page. In this example the parent page “Quiz” > “Facial flap” was chosen.

Select “Publish”.

Step 5 – See the result

The quiz is now live.

Step 6 – Link to the quiz from a topic

So, now your quiz shows up, when you select “Quiz” in the top bar. You can also link to you quiz from inside a topic (e.g. “Facial Flaps”). If you want to do so then you should create a new page inside the topic called “Quiz”.

Create a new page. Call it “Quiz”. Select the topic e.g. “Facial Flaps” as the parent page. Select “Topic – Quiz” as the template. Set the order to a high number, so the quiz page show up last. Then use the block “Link button” to link to the quiz pages. Here is an example.

More options

When you create a question, you can select a question type from the drop-down “Question type”. You can create a question with multiple correct answers or you can have show image as your answer options.

If you want to have an image together with the question, then go to “Extra” and add an image to the field “Question Featured Image”.

If you want to have some extra explanation next to your question, then add it to “Tooltip text”.

If you want to explain why an answer is the correct one, then write a text in the field “Text that appears if the user got the question wrong”.